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"USES HUMOUR to tackle a profoundly important topic. You're a brave guy, Norman!"
- Brent Bambury Midday, CBC TV

"NORMAN HAS DONE IT AGAIN! More effectively than any other means I am aware of, he reaches, challenges & supports men who need it most. His show, 'MY DICK,' stimulates men to work through issues associated with their male identity and power and helps contribute to developing healthier & more satisfying relationships. I think its success in reaching those who need to change far outweighs that of any interventions designed by "professionals" in the field."
-Peter Cornish, Counselor Memorial University St. John's Newfoundland

"Norman's show was EXCELLENT! I thought he did a brilliant job of reeling the audience in, and raising the major issues..... he was worth every penny!!!"
- Cathie Closs, Director Student Development Centre Brock University, Ontario

"I was impressed with your sensitivity and forthrightness in dealing with the topics of sexuality and homophobia which need to be discussed more openly by all members of our society."
- John C. "Jack" Fletcher, Dir. Student & Recreation Services Conestoga College, Ontario

"We really enjoyed the show. You really hit homophobia in the face."
- Troy, Ted & Humphry, Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Club, Brock University, Ontario

"Your shows here at St. John's were fantastic. We’ve had nothing but very positive feedback at the Women's Centre."
- Maria Fagan, Coordinator, Women's Resource Centre, Memorial University St. John's NF

"I saw 'MY DICK & other manly tales' on April 7th, 1999. I found it both entertaining & educational: it was very funny without trivializing the important issues of homophobia, gender role stereotyping & sex. The humorous sketches interspersed with drama geared the performance towards a post-secondary audience. Students at the mostly male BCIT were hesitant to attend the performance at first. No one sat on the chairs up at the front, with everyone standing at the back. Over the first 15 minutes, Norman's talent & charisma were able to draw in many of the students & brought them closer to the front. I recommend this show to any post-secondary institution that welcomes discussion & debate on these important topics. It would be good to invite psychology, sociology, cultural studies & health sciences classes to attend the performance."
-Pamela Downey, Counselor BCIT, Burnaby, BC.

"We're proud that our campus brought this show here"
- Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual club, Sir Sanford Fleming College, Lindsay, ON

"All the feedback for the show I've received has been positive! People who saw the show 'got it' and appreciated it."
-Sherry Taylor, Human Rights Officer, Sir Sanford Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario

"The BCIT Student Association would like to thank you for your stunning performance of your show, 'MY DICK & other manly tales.' The show captivated its audience & was very well received by the students. It utilizes humour & energy to get a point across which makes you laugh & think at the same time. It is completely aimed at the audience, involving participation, getting them to open up to discussions of sensitive issues & reflect upon their personal experiences. Definitely a show to see. I highly recommend you, Norman, to all campuses as a form of educational comedy about men, women & sex."
-Nicole Misisco, Campus Life Coordinator BCIT Student Association, Burnaby, BC

"Your focus on 'masculinity' is the key, and you manage to hit just about all the issues. Your intertwining of male sexuality with the homophobia issues is great! I think this performance can make change. You inspire a lot of hope."
-Chris Withers, ÊTRE MAGAZINE (gay/lesbian paper) Montréal, Québec

"'MY DICK' challenges its audience to expose & explore the distortion, ignorance, hatred & fear that poisons how we view & experience sexuality - our own & others - and reminds us of the bottom line, that we all want love, sex, acceptance & friendship. Through his use of humour, fun, and good-natured confrontation, Norman challenges his audience to question common assumptions and beliefs about sexuality."
- Daniel Frankel, M.Ed., Counselor Capilano College, North Vancouver, BC

"I was really pleased with the show. It was amazing!"
-Beverley Hicks, Chair of Psychiatric Nursing Brandon University, MB

"I enjoyed the show - a lot! I was impressed by the range of material covered by Norman, & how he brought the crowd into the show. It's the kind of show that needs to be seen, in more places, more often."
- Janet Mou, Women's Centre, Simon Fraser Univesity Burnaby, BC

"We had a lot of really positive feedback. People were surprised by the quality of the presentation, the content the acting, etc., and thrilled to see good theater and alternative programming. It definitely had people talking!"
-Britt Gullick, VP Events & Activities Acadia Student Union Acadia University, Wolfville, NS

"The show was intelligent & well-written. It was a pleasure & a positive experience. An often difficult subject matter - homophobia - was dealt with in an entertaining & educational manner. I would definitely book the show again & encourage people to bring it to their campus. Homophobia hurts many people in different ways. Only through shows like this will people be educated & be able to stop the hurt."
-Dennis Loney, Executive Assistant Rye SA C Ryerson Polytechnic, Toronto

"What you are doing should have been done a long time ago. I'm proud that you took upon yourself to do this show."
-anonymous 1st year student St Mary's University, Halifax

"When they weren't hooting & hollering, 500 Totem Park residents sat in hushed concentration as they listened to Norman's sketches about love, sex & stereotypes. He received a standing ovation."
-UBC Reports, UBC, Vancouver

"A Canadian social activist, who, unlike many of us, is living by his principles. Uses frat house hijinx to combat homophobia"
-Times Colonist, Victoria, BC

"A high-energy sex lecture not for the faint-hearted"
-Winnipeg Free Press

"People were glued to their seats, and Nawrocki left the stage to appreciative applause. 'That was fantastic,' one girl said to him, shaking his hand after the show. Some congratulated him on his innovation, others thanked him for making it easier to discuss a difficult issue."
-The Hamilton Spectator

"I adore Nawrocki's fuck-you attitude. It's bracing & honest"
- HOUR, Montréal

"Explores taboo topics of gender & sexuality... borrows from Jerry Springer & mixes it up with European cabaret"
-The Chronicle-Herald, Halifax

"A 55 minute tour de force. The audience was alternately shocked & enthralled by this blunt & courageous performance piece. Extremely educational, but funny & entertaining, 'MY DICK' tastefully fills a void that most educators & performers would rather not fill."
- The Imprint, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo

"Every bit as exciting & potentially as offensive as the poster claimed...brought a fast-paced, cartoon-like world to the Thompson Student Centre with a dozen interesting & hilarious characters."
-The Muse, Memorial University, St-John's, Newfoundland

"The audience was enraptured as Nawrocki portrayed feelings of gay & straight men & women. The laughter was equal to the tears."
- The Ryersonian, Ryerson Polytechnic, Toronto




Gay bashing


How to please women



Puberty stories

Penis size


Appreciating diversity

Sexual myths

Sexual stereotyping

Straight family/gay child relationships

Women's anatomy

Safe sex


Preventing violence

Sex techniques

Women's orgasms

Gay/straight friendships

Gay positive space


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• is about homophobia & how to stop it, safe sex, macho myths, attitudes & behavior, sex education, sexual stereotyping & heterosexism

• is a fast-paced 60 minutes of nonstop monologues, slapstick, & easily identifiable true life experiences

• contains 30 sketches; Norman plays 12 real & cartoon-like characters including 'sex' experts, God & a giant 7 foot talking penis: he changes masks & costumes, runs in & out of the audience & uses funny props like inflatable, adult, sex toys

• tells the story about a changing relationship between a gay man, his father, his 'straight' cousin & their homophobic friend

• follows a 'hip' soundtrack of nonstop music

• is interactive, with lots of audience participation

• doesn't joke about gay-bashing, but pokes fun at heterosexual myths

• is based on real-life interviews with hundreds of people - gay & straight - from across Canada

• has explicit, nonsexist, adult content

• is for all 'adult' ages: gay, straight, men & women


'MY DICK' doesn't preach to 'the converted,' but reaches out to 'the unreachables,' people who won't admit there is a problem and won't go to any workshop or lecture about homophobia.

The non-threatening, inexplicit poster for the show advertises 'EXTREME ADULT CONTENT' and lures unsuspecting homophobes and other folk too. There is no mention on the poster or in the publicity about telltale sponsors of the show, nor the very serious real issues dealt with. Everyone expects a funny, 'X-rated' show about sex.

They aren't disappointed. They get an hilarious 'sex-positive' show with a powerful, gay-positive anti-homophobic message. There is nothing tasteless, sexist, obscene or vulgar. In between the laughs there is no joking about the serious stuff. There are enough non-threatening 'straight' funny sexual references to allow the audience to relax and laugh, but it keeps them guessing. And thinking.

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