Sex Toys, was an excellent launch into "Sexual Health Week" at SFU. Norman used a brilliant mixture of humour and frank discussion to carry the messages of healthy sexuality, open communication, and positive relationships. After the show, in his soft-spoken and sincere way, he once again touched on the key issues. This approach ended the evening in a thoughtful and optimistic way.
- Brenda Kent, Health Education Coordinator Health, counselling & Career Centre, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC

‘A hilarious, yet sensitive artist’
- EROS, The Life Network TV

‘A message that touches the G-spot’
- The London Free Press

‘Playful & sensitive....Nawrocki’s shows don’t disappoint.’

- The Globe & Mail, Toronto

‘A popular performer....helps educate Canadian
students about sexuality.’

- The Times Higher Educational Supplement, London,England

‘It’s provocative, but it’s also highly entertaining & dare we say, educational...Nawrocki is one of the most refreshing souls you’ll ever encounter’
- The Gazette, Montreal

‘Real & relevant & damn funny...masterfully switches characters taking the audience on a hilarious, sexual romp...highly informative, encourages understanding & tolerance.’

- The Peak, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby

‘Delightful... inventive, honest & in good taste ...a strong feminist message. The power of ‘SEX TOYS!’ is stereotypes are destroyed and you don’t know what to expect...his energy level is through the roof!’

- The McGill Tribune, Montréal

'During an hour-long performance that led to a standing ovation, I watched couples in the audience start t cuddle & get tender as this sex-ed dervish went from character to character.'
- HOUR Magazine, Montréal

“Thank you for a terrific show. Well, it's more like a terrific "experience" -- you do amazing work that affects people well beyond the event itself.
I'm sure you are a life-changer."

-Sherry Taylor, Human Rights Officer Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough

‘Outrageously funny, playful yet educational’

- The Phoenix, Kelowna

’Another fantastic show. Wow!’
-Cristine Medford, Residence Life Programmer,
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

‘A hilarious performance punctuated with messages of respect for all persons of all sexual orientations. Norman’s show will live with you long after the actual performance.
- Shirley Winlaw-Tierney, Human Rights Officer, Mount Royal College, Calgary

‘The show was very well received’
- Stefan Goulet, Programmer, Student Union
University of Winnipeg

‘Learning and education can be boring or exciting, and your shows most definitely are exciting. The work you do is soooo important and sooooo valuable and most importantly, soooo well received. Keep it up!
-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Club,
Memorial University, St John’s Newfoundland

'I enjoyed it immensely as did my Women's Studies students'

- Lori Yetman, Sexual Harassment Advisor,
Memorial University, St John's Newfoundland

'Touching, hilarious, educational & subversive'
- ELLE Quebec



Watch clip of 'Sex Toys!' now!
(3-4 minutes, mpeg)

(Visit JOYTOYZ, the official supplier of sex toys for Norman's shows)

sex toys



















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SEX TOYS! is Norman's Nawrocki's one-man educational comedy cabaret about gay/straight/bi sex & sexuality.

Provocative, challenging, taboo-busting, brash & funny. The third in his series of humorous - but critical - cabaret shows
exploring the politics of human sexuality. Zeros in on what we need to know to enjoy loving, healthy, sexual relationships with others & ourselves.

SEX TOYS' is a self-help look at how to have safe, happy, respectful sex. Allows audiences to laugh at popular misconceptions & rethink their own sexual views & practices. Debunks stereotypes & myths about 'normal', dominant sexual concepts.

Will help reduce inhibitions & prejudices, sexual guilt & shame. Comes with a 'show & tell' of giant sex toys! Guaranteed to get people to think & question sexual attitudes & practices. Encourages them to consider healthier, happier alternatives.



'SEX TOYS' is fun, but serious; raunchy, yet sensitive. It's anti-sexist, but sex-positive & non-homophobic. Will satisfy everybody's curiosity too! Like his previous shows, 'I Don't Understand Women!' & 'My Dick & other manly tales,' 'SEX TOYS' is a high energy presentation designed to entertain & educate.

SEX TOYS' is based on Norman's interviews with hundreds of friends, colleagues & strangers; gay & straight, young & old, men & women. They include sex trade workers, counselors, therapists, medical professionals, 'sex' advocates & other educators. Their stories & experiences, insights & observations have been translated into easily recognizable everyday situations & characters.

Norman also worked with a 'consultative committee' of like-minded professionals (writers, actors, educators, therapists, etc.) to oversee the production of the script & ensure its accuracy & usefulness for the general public.

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Norman uses theater, prerecorded music, monologues, vaudeville, hilarious giant props, slapstick & his trademark zany characterizations to get his messages across.

The result: another
hilarious, colourful, loud, fast-paced, 'giant talking cartoon-like cabaret', which will make audiences laugh & cry.

As in his previous shows, Norman incorporates audience interactions and serious dramatic moments with the rib-tickling, blush inducing humour. He plays multiple characters - real & cartoonish. He wears costumes & masks & impersonates a giant vagina. He weaves in & out of funny & serious sketches, keeps the audience guessing and on its toes, drawing them in, gently, before he shakes them up with startling revelations, first-person accounts & endless stage surprises.

A media critic once described Norman's shows as "
a comic orgy that at the end leaves the audience & performer spent & smiling." 'SEX TOYS' is another theatrical, emotional roller-coaster guaranteed to get people thinking & talking about the issues.

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'SEX TOYS' works as a 'sneak attack' against prejudices & ignorance. From the innocuous poster & promotional material, it might seem like just another funny 'sex show', but the presentation is 100% subversive. Firstly, it reaches the 'unreachables' - the target audience who would never attend a lecture or workshop about important issues like appreciating diversity, stopping sexual violence & misogyny, & practicing safe sex, but will come to a show.

'SEX TOYS' doesn't disappoint. Audiences get their 'sex show' & messages galore. 'SEX TOYS' serves as a giant, 'funhouse mirror' held up to our collective sexuality. We see what's positive & enjoyable, but also what needs to change. Norman takes on, deconstructs & demystifies so-called 'adult' subject matter, creatively & imaginatively without being sexist, homophobic, or gratuitously vulgar.

The show satirizes common sexual stereotypes like
'studliness', 'babehood', 'pornocracy', 'stupid competition,' & allows people to see themselves, their sexual misconceptions & prejudices differently. It allows them to laugh at and question inhibitative, restrictive, damaging myths that hurt. And it allows them to take stock of the very real emotional needs behind our sexual practices. It values feelings over 'technique', consideration & respect over 'mindless performance', and the humanization instead of the 'objectification' of our sexual partners. It teaches people to practice responsible, safe & loving sex instead of dangerous, risk taking. On another level, the show can be seen as very straightforward, basic sexual educational theater. The audience learns sexual fundamentals and more about their own bodies.


'SEX TOYS' is brash, titillating & visually & intellectually stimulating. It's also hard-hitting,satirical & sometimes just plain silly. It's designed to provoke, challenge & help contribute to a more enlightened public discourse about our sexuality. It's also meant to replace the 'taboos' in popular conversation with respectful, healthy, critical discussion.


Nawrocki's Sex Toys amuse and educate

Jennifer Barclay, The Peak, SFU

Sex Toys!
Images Theatre Feb. 8

A condom, a vagina and a butt plug walk into a theatre. No really, it's not a joke.

As the music and lights fade in the SFU Images Theatre, "Virginia Vagina" descends upon the stage. Dressed entirely in flowing pink satin, Norman Nawrocki introduces the first of his outrageous and candid characters in his one man show Sex Toys .

As Virginia interacts with the audience, she educates them about what she likes and dislikes, what all her parts are called, and why you should get to know her better. This is a pattern of each character throughout the show-to shock, to amuse and to educate.

The show is a highly energetic series of sketches tackling such topics as sexually transmitted diseases, anal sex, lubrication, and masturbation. It combines live and taped dialog with musical numbers. Although it was choppy at times with so many costume changes, this only added to the excitement and immediacy of this live event.

Vancouver-born Nawrocki masterfully switches characters mid- stream, taking the audience on a hilarious sexual romp. He combines over-the-top characters such as Cowboy Condom Ken, riding a fake horse across the stage and singing a country jingle,  with realistic characters talking about their personal sexual experiences.

The irresistable VIRGINIA VAGINA, aka, Norman Nawrocki

It all started with I Don't Understand Women! , his first  comic sex cabaret. When he toured Canada with the piece, he was shocked at the amount of misinformation and ignorance surrounding sexual issues and practices. He felt a real need for some frank sexual talk without the rigid confines of the classroom. He came up with My Dick & Other Manly Tales , a comic but hard-hitting look at homophobia and male stereotypes.

He admits that his latest show Sex Toys is more playful than My Dick but still combats the same sexual taboos and also addresses gender confusion and gender stereotyping.

Nawrocki's shows have played to full houses of eager students expecting sex jokes and toilet humor. While there is that sort of comedy in the show, it is sandwiched in between highly informative sketches encouraging understanding and tolerance. Nawrocki never slips too far into the teacher role. Like spoon-feeding a baby, he mixes the main course with plenty of fun and frolic.

Most of his university shows are sponsored by campus women's and gay right's groups. They hope that their message of tolerance will reach those who lack awareness in such matters. The audience experiences shock, discomfort, ecstatic laughter, empathy and curiosity in different combinations throughout the show.

What resonates most from Sex Toys is the personable and lovable nature of the characters. Bob Bob the Bum Hole bitterly describes how he is shunned and thoroughly misunderstood.  Shy Eric, is overwhelmed and intimidated by his girlfriend's passion for masturbation. His friend Andy is repeatedly treated as a sexual object and can't seem to find a partner interested in him as a whole person. Beneath the jokes and the funny costumes, a sad and wonderful tale emerges-a tale of sexual confusion, exploration and isolation.

Nawrocki interviewed hundreds of people to make Sex Toys as real and relevant as possible. Not only did he succeed in this venture but also produced a damn funny show in the process.

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