12 -  Montreal, violin/guitar duo, 'The Pedals,' with special guests, Casa del Popolo

AOÛT 2012 
7 -  Montreal, violin/guitar duo, 'The Pedals,' Anarchist Writers Bloc benefit, Casa del Popolo

JUIN 2012 
14 -  Montreal, Art & Anarchy 1860 - 2012, audio visual presentation, Galerie Articule
19 -  Montreal, violin/piano duet with Stefan Christoff, CD launch, La Salla Rosa
22 -  Montreal, solo violin improv, Wilder & Davis Luthiers

MAI 2012 
3 -  Montreal, book launch, Anarchist Writers Bloc, SUBVERSIONS vol II, Casa del Popolo
5 -  Quebec City, book launch, Anarchist Writers Bloc, Bar L'Agitée
15 + 16 -  Montreal, Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival, MC, La Salla Rosa
19 + 20 -  Montreal, Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, table, CEDA
22 -  Montreal, book launch, Norman's Nightcap for Nihilists, Casa del Popolo
25, 26, 27 -  Montreal, 7CASTORS/7BEAVERS, Reflectivism, a conference about Resistance Cultures, Concordia University, SCPA and Les Champs Possibles…

AVRIL 2012 
19 -  Montreal, MEPAQ, atélier (Mouvement d'éducation populaire de d'action communautaire du Québec - Movement of popular education and community action in Quebec), Creative Resistance 101, UQAM

MARS 2012 
9 -  Montreal, solo violin/poetry, Anarchist Writers Bloc cabaret, DIRA
22 –  Montreal, poetry in the street, massive student strike demonstration
29 -  Montreal, poetry/kazoo/sing-along, demonstration of Professors Against the Fee Increases, for the Student Strike, Concordia University

3 -  Montreal, solo violin/poetry, Anarchist Writers Bloc Love & Anarchy Cabaret, DIRA
22 -  Montreal, poetry/kazoo, CKUT Homeless Marathon, Native Friendship Centre
24 -  Point St Charles, violin accompanying La Coeur Libertaire de Point St-Charles, YMCA
25 -  Montreal, violin/poetry, vigil for Jean-François Nadreau, another victim of police shooting, Place Valois

10 - Montreal, solo violin/poetry, artists' vigil for Farshad Mohammadi, a homeless, Iranian man killed in the metro by Montréal city police, Métro Bonaventure
20, 21 - &bnsp;Saskatoon, Conference panelist, performer, workshop facilitator for the Saskatchewan Writer's Guild annual conference, Writing North, University of Saskatchewan

2 - Montreal, solo violin/spoken word, Anarchist Writers Bloc Cabaret, DIRA
10 -  Montreal, violin with piano duet, with Stefan Christoff, fundraiser for people imprisoned through Canada's security certificates, Maison de l'Amitié


20 - Montreal, violin with pianist Stefan Christoff, Wired on Words, Casa del Popolo

15 - Montreal, solo violin, Benoît Tremblay vernissage, Galerie Crystal
16 - Montreal, poetry, Poets' Corner, The People's Square/Square Victoria, Occupy Montreal
23 - Montreal, solo violin/fable, People's Square, Occupy Montreal
24 - Toronto, Lessons from a 7ft Penis, Canadian Union of Postal Workers National Convention, Men's Caucus, Harbourfront
28 - Montreal, solo violin/spoken word, Anarchist Writers Bloc Cabaret, DIRA

7 - Windsor, Lessons from a 7ft Penis, University of Windsor
24 - Montreal, solo violin, Point St-Charles fundraiser for tree project

AOÛT 2011
20 - Montreal, solo violin, Benefit for Mile End Mission, Cagibi

5 - Montreal, violin with pianist Stefan Christof, Ruckus Society benefit, Casa del Popolo
17 - Montreal, violin/spoken word, Wired on Words, Casa del Popolo
28 - Montreal, Citizens' Café, animation, Festival d'Expression de la Rue 2011, Street People Festival, Place Louis Pasteur

JUIN 2011
7 - Québec, Sexe avec un anarchiste, french translation of Lessons from a 7ft Penis, solo, Bar L'Agitée
9 - Montreal, Grad-level course, The Arts, Social Change & Community Economic Development, School of Community & Public Affairs, Concordia University
25 - Vancouver, Subversions book launch, reading + roundtable about anarchist literature, Spartacus Books
27 - Montreal, Community Activist Art booklaunch, MC, Sala Rossa
28 - Québec, same book launch, MC, L'Agitée

MAI 2011
5 - Montreal, Subversions book launch, violin with Le Coeur libertaire de Point St-Charles, Casa del Popolo
7 - Québec, Subversions book launch, violin + with the Anarchist Writers Bloc, Bar L'Agitée
18 - Montreal, MC for the 6th annual Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival
27 - Sherbrooke, Lettres de Pologne, solo violin + words, Le Festival du texte court de Sherbrooke, with Danny Plourde, Salle du Tremplin
31 - Toronto, exhibitor, Ontario Association of College & University Housing Officers, York University

AVRIL 2011
1 - Montreal, Japan vigil, solo violin/words, SAT
16 - Quebec, 10 years after the anti-FTAA demonstration
16 - Workshop: Quebec Activist Art in 2001,lEcole Joseph-François Perrault
16 - Solo violin/words, Le Bâteau de Nuit

MARS 2011
3 - Oshawa, Durham College, Lessons from a 7ft Penis, Regent Theatre
14 - Richmond, BC, Lessons from a 7ft Penis, Kwantlan College Lounge
15 - Surrey, BC, Lessons, Kwantlan College Auditorium

21 - Montreal, Anarchist Writer's Bloc benefit, solo theatre, DIRA

10 - Montreal, Anarchist Writer's Bloc benefit, solo theatre, DIRA

2 - Montreal, Point St-Charles, Centre Social Autogerée, solo poems, Borough
5 - Montreal, Anarchist Writers' Bloc benefit, solo theatre, DIRA
10 - Montreal, City for Sale roundtable, facilitator, Concordia University
16 - Montreal, CD launch, JP Mortimer, violin, La Sala Rossa
17 - Montreal, presentation, Faculty of Education, McGill University
30 - Montreal, Parc Oxygène public meeting, facilitator, Milton Parc

7 - Montreal, Global Education & Social Justice, lecture, McGill University

24 - Montreal, World Educational Forum in Palestine, solo violin, Cabaret Mile-End

8 - Montreal North, Hoodstock 2, Poetry/song workshop, Parc Fredy Villeneuva
27 - Wakefield, Quebec, Wakefest, cabaret MC, Black Sheep Inn
28 - Wakefield, Quebec, Wakefest, Creative Resistance Music workshop, solo violin, Black Sheep Inn
29 - Montreal, Summer Love-In Arts Festival, solo violin, Parc Oxygène

JUNE 2010
10 - Charlottetown, PEI, Atlantic Council of International Cooperation symposium, Keynote speaker, University of PEI, 8pm
12 - Charlottetown, PEI, ACIC, workshop, Public Engagement and the Arts, UPEI, 9am
17 - Montreal, Concordia University, The Arts, Radical social change, and community economic development, class, 1pm
26 - Montreal, Parc Oxygène, Summer Love-In Arts Festival, solo violin + improv with other musicians, 4pm
27 - Montreal, solo violin, La Boutte, 5pm

MAY 2010
18+19 - Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival 2010, La Sala Rossa, 7pm
29+30 - Montreal Anarchist Book Fair, Les Pages Noires table, CEDAC, 10am-6pm
16 - Montreal, Parc Oxygène, Summer Love-In Arts Festival, solo poetry, 4pm
22 - Montreal, Anarchist Walking Tour, solo poetry, 2033 boul St-Laurent, DIRA, 1pm
30 - North American Anarchist Writers of Fiction, first meeting, Montreal Anarchist Book Fair

APRIL 2010
6 - Halifax, Creative Resistance 101 workshop, Mount St Vincent University, 3pm
7 - Halifax, Creative Resistance, Dalhousie University, 1pm
7 - Halifax, Norman Nawrocki solo violin/poetry, Just Us! Coffeehouse, 7pm
24 - Montreal, Quand les Arts frappent et engagent, Concordia School of Extended learning, Concordia University, 9am
26 - St-Hubert, Artists in the Schools, Norman 3 solo shows/workshops, Heritage Regional High School, 9am
27 - Montreal, Sanctions-busting Telethon-Dial in for Justice for Abousfian Abdelrazik, Norman solo violin + others, George Vanier Cultural Centre, 7pm
29 - Montreal, Moscow Pride fundraiser, Norman solo violin + others, The Green Room, 9pm

MARCH 2010
24 - North Bay, Lessons from a 7ft Penis, The Wall, Nippissing University, 8pm
27 - Montreal, SANN, Bistro Tributerre, 5pm

6 - Kingston, Ont, DaZoque!, The Mansion, 11pm
11 - Montreal, The Arts & Community Economic Development, Concordia University, 1pm

19 - Québec City, L'Anarchiste et le Diable/Lettres de Pologne, CÉGEP Lévis-Lauzon, 13h
19 - Québec City, CAZZAROLA! , L'Agitée, 20h
20 - Québec City, L'Art, et L'Anarchie, hier et aujourd'hui, Librairie La Page Noire, 17h
26 - Montreal, celebration for Security Certificate victory of Adil Charkaoui, 1710 Beaudry, 8pm

10 - Toronto, triple Brainfood book launch, HeartBeat 960, 960 Queen St. West, with special musical guests, 1pm
17 - Vancouver, Dinner for Dissidents book launch + violin + Lessons from a 7ft Penis, Café Deux Soleils, 7pm + 9pm
24 - Montreal, all-day Workshop, Community Arts and Activism I, Concordia University School of Extended Learning, Loyola Campus, 9am
31 - Montreal, all-day Workshop, Community Arts and Activism II, Concordia University School of Extended Learning, Loyola Campus, 9am

8 - Cornerbrooke, Newfoundland, Lessons from a 7ft Penis, Grenfall College, 7pm
21 - Montreal, book launch, Dinner for Dissidents, Casa del Popolo, 5pm-7pm
29 - Montreal, Lessons from a 7ft Penis, Marianopolis College, 12:45pm

1 - Vancouver, reading, Lunch for Insurgents, Spartacus Books, 4pm-5pm
14 - Winnipeg, book launch, Lunch for Insurgents, Rudolph Rocker Cultural Centre, 7:30pm
30 - Montreal, Creative Resistance 101, Radical Frosh, McGill University, 1:30pm

MAY 2009
11 - Montreal, Casa del Popolo, Book launch, Lunch for Insurgents, 5pm–7pm
13 - Montreal, Concordia University, D.B.Clarke Theatre, Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival, 7pm
14 - Montreal, Concordia University, MIATF continues, 7pm
16 - Montreal 10th annual Anarchist Bookfair, CEDA, 2515 Delisle, Les Pages Noires booktable, 10am–5pm
17 - Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, CEDA, panel discussion about publishing with Norman, Ramsey Kanaan (PM Press) & Adrienne Hurley

APRIL 2009
5 - Hong Kong, Wanchai, ACO, Art & Culture Outreach, workshop, 2pm
5 - Hong Kong, ACO, Norman solo music, with Lenny from Blackbird & guests 8pm

MARCH 2009
13 - Whistler, BC, Luna Club, Lessons from a 7ft Penis, 8pm
19 - Toronto, ON, York University, Lessons 7ft, Curtis Lecture Hall, 7pm

12 - Montreal, University of Concordia, School of Community & Public Affairs, Norman's 'The Arts, Community Economic Development & Social Change' class

3 - Vancouver, BC, Rhizome Cafe, Cazzarola!, solo theatre
19 - Guelph, ON, University of Guelph, Creative Resistance workshop

3 - Corner Brook, NL, Grenfell College - solo sex show
4 - Corner Brook, NL, Grenfell University - solo sex show
11 - Kamloops, BC, Thompson Rivers University, solo sex show
17 - North Bay, ON, Nipissing University, solo sex show

JULY 2008
17 - Rome, Italy, La Casetta Rossa S.P.A. Roma Garbatella Norman solo
20 - Corsano, Italy, Circolo ARCI, Norman solo
21 - L'Aquila, Italy, Centro Interuniversitario di Studi Quebecchesi, Spaziolibero, Norman solo show & workshop
26 - Todi, Italy, Carpinaro Castle, Solo performance/reading

MAY 2008
14 - Montreal, Norman performs extracts from new novel, 'Catzorolla!', Montreal Anarchist Theatre Festival, TBA

FEB 2008
1 -
Montreal, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis,' Grad Student Ballroom, McGill University, 8pm
2 -
Montreal, Norman MC's a night of radical marching bands, & a new documentary film about them, une "Comédie musicale documentaire" intitulée "HONK YOU VERY MUCH" autour de Honkfest (, Lion D'or, 8pm
23 - Montreal, Norman MC's Dead Doll Dancers Benefit , Cafe Cleopatra, 8pm

JAN 2008
26 - Montreal, Norman Nawrocki, Violin / Stefan Christoff, Piano, & others; Community cabaret for Abdelkader Belaouni (Kader), marking his 2nd year anniversary of imprisonment within a church, resisting deportation, St.Gabriel's church, 2157 Centre St., Point St. Charles, (Metro Charlevoix), 8pm

* Domenica 2 dicembre, ore 21.00 Centro Culturale Lib*eria Bibli, Roma Trastevere Via dei Fienaroli, 28
* Lunedì 3 dicembre, ore 19.30 Dopolavoro, Modena Via Sant'Agata, 16
* Martedì 4 dicembre, ore 21.30 MODO Info Shop, Bologna
Via Mascarella 24/b

* Giovedì 6 dicembre, ore 15.00 Fiera del libro "Più Libri Più Liberi", Roma Eur Sala Amestista, Palazzo dei Congressi
* Giovedì 6 dicembre, ore 18.30 Rinascita, Roma Centocelle
Viale Agosta, 36

* Venerdì 7 dicembre, ore 18.00 Perditempo, Napoli Via S. Pietro a Maiella, 8

* Giovedì 29 novembre, ore 18.30, Coordinamento Anarchico, L'Aquila, Palazzo Camponeschi, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia
* Venerdì 30 novembre, ore 20.30, Centro Studi Libertari "Camillo Di Sciullo", Chieti
Via Porta Pescara, 27

22 -
Surrey, BC - 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis,' Kwantlan University College, 4pm

Oct. 2007
11 - Montreal, Cabaret de la rentrée militante, Café Chaos, 19h30
17 - Calgary, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis,' The Plaza Theatre, 6pm
18 - Calgary, 'Creative Resistance 101' workshop, 4pm-7pm, The Arusha Centre Society,
19 - Calgary, book launch, 'Breakfast for Anarchists,' The Arusha Centre, 7pm
19 - Calgary, ABC benefit for the pie women, The Castle Pub, 9pm
25 - Edmonton, 'Lessons', Jekyll + Hyde Pub + Restaurant, 9pm
27 - Edmonton, Anarchist Bookfair, Les Pages Noires booktable, Alberta Ave Hall, 10 am
27 - Edmonton, Anarchist Bookfair, book launch, Alberta Ave.Hall, 3pm
28 - Edmonton, Anarchist Bookfair, workshop, TBA

Sept 2007
- Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, 'Lessons' solo show, Grenfall College, 8pm
6 - St John's, Newfoundland, 'Lessons,' Memorial University, Engineering Theatre, 6pm
7 - St Catherines, Ontario, 'Sex Toys!,' Brock University, David S. Howes Theatre, 7pm
14 - Kamloops, BC, 'Lessons,' Thompson Rivers University, Clocktower Theatre, 7:30pm
15 - Kamloops, BC, Cultural Identity Conference, Norman presents on a panel discussing 'Memory Everlasting: Post-Peasant Cultural Sensibilities, 'Thompson Rivers University, 1pm
20 - Vancouver, Booklaunch,'Breakfast for Anarchists,' Spartacus Books, 7pm
22 - Vancouver, Book launch, 'Breakfast for Anarchists,' TBA

August 2007
31 -
Toronto, DaZoque!, Harbourfront Centre, Ukrainian Festival, Brigantine Room, 11pm,

JUNE 007
- Montreal, the return of the legendary Rhythm Activism & Holland's The Ex, Sala Rossa
22 - Montreal, Rhythm Activism & The Ex, Sala Rossa

MAY 007
3- 17
- Montreal, 'Art + Anarchy 2007 exhibit of politically engaged art, the Esplanade Loft Project, 6750 Esplanade; see website for details:
13 - Montreal, Norman's multi-media presentation: The Anarchist Aesthetic: Anarchy & Art, 1865-2007, 6750 Esplanade, in French, but with pictures, 3pm
19 - Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, 8th annual, Les Pages Noires table,
28 & 29 - Montreal 2nd annual Anarchist Theatre Festival, La Sala Rossa,

Avril 007
- Drummondville, CGEP, presentation de Norman: Les arts pour le changement social et le développement
communautaire, 13h
24 - Montreal, CGEP Dawson, 'My Dick & Other Manly Tales,' 2pm
29 - Montreal, Norman solo, Radical Beats/Words/Violin, lancement Art Threat Magazine , Le Divan Orange.

Mars 007
3- Montréal - Norman violin solo, Wilder & Davis Luthier
7- Lethbridge, University of Lethbridge, 'Sex Toys!'
22 - Sudbury, Laurentian University, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis'
24 - Montreal, La Nuit de la philosophie, Présentation multi-média de Norman sur l'art et l'anarchie, UQAM
28 - Fredericton, University of New Brunswick, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis'

Janvier 007
- Ottawa, Carleton University, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis,' Mike's Pub

Kelowna, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis,' University of BC Kelowna, TBA
2 -
Kelowna, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis,' Okanagan College, TBA
17, 18, 19
- Montreal, 'Salon du livres,' Palais du congrés, AV

( le 8-14 octobre, c'est Norman solo, avec son violon amplifiée, et <<L'Anarchiste et le diable>>)
8 - Alma, Boîte à Bleuets, 25, Saint-Joseph Sud, 14h00
9 - Ville de La Baie. Café Summum (à confirmer)
10 - Chicoutimi, Café Cambio, 405, rue Racine Est, 19h30
11 - Québec, L'Agitée, 255, rue Dorchester, 19h30
12 - Rimouski, Café la Brûlerie d'Ici, 91, Saint-Germain Ouest , 20h
13 - Bic, Auberge du Vieux Bicois, 134, rue Sainte-Cécile, 20h
14 - Amqui, Café l'Express'O Gare d'Amqui, 209 Boul. Saint-Benoît, 20h
18 - Sherbrooke, La Nef - Centre d'art, Les jours sont contés en Estrie, 20h
21 - Regina, University of Regina, Creative Resistance 101

4 -
Sault Ste-Marie, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis,' Algoma University
5 - St Catherines, 'My Dick & Other Manly Tales,' Brock University, Sean O'Sullivan Theatre
8 - Truro, Nova Scotia, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis,' Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Alumni Theatre
29 - Sherebrooke, Norman solo, les mots et le violon, <<L'Anarchiste et le diable>> lancement, Tapageur, 53 King Ouest, 17h-19h,
- Sherbrooke, Norman solo encore, plus longue, Productions Littorale

15 -
Sherbrooke, lancement du livre, 'L'Anarchiste de le diable,'
- Montreal, 'Poets Against War!', 20 poets (Lebanese, Iraqi, Iranian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Syrian, Palestinian, Pakistani,Jewish, French, English & Norman), Casa del Popolo, 8pm sharp!

JULY 2006
29 - Guelph, Hillside Music Festival, Norman solo violin/spoken word, 3pm

JUNE 2006
- Québec City; lancement du livre, 'L'anarchiste et le diable,' Bal du Lézard 1049, 3e avenue, de 6 à 8
18 - Edmonton, COCA, Biz Hall

MAY 2006
7 - Montreal - Norman live, on CKUT 90.3 FM, ( playing extracts from his newest CD, 'Letters from Poland/Lettres de Pologne,' 1 am
9 - Montreal - Norman playing live, on CKUT 90.3 FM, (, 12 pm
- Montreal - Norman's new one-act play, Overdale, at the first ever 'Montreal Anarchist Theatre Festival,' La Sala Rossa, 7:30pm
11 - Longueil - DaZoque!, Norman's East European band & 20 voice Virevolte women's choir, 700 rue Ste-Foy, &;30pm
16 - Montreal - Norman's newest book launch, 'L'Anarchist et le diable, voyages, cabarets et autres récits, Café Chaos, 5pm
20 - Montreal - Anarchist Book Fair, table with Les Pages Noires, 10am-6pm
31 - Montreal - DaZoque! avec Crazydent et Maginot, Missy Bar, 250 Mt Royal est, 21h

APRIL 2006
11 - Montréal, CD launch, 'Letters from Poland/Lettres de Pologne,' Le Divan Orange, 5pm-7pm
12 - Montréal, Norman, solo, live for CIBL-FM broadcast, Le Pub St-Ciboire, 1693 St-Denis

21 - Montreal, DaZoque! unplugged, Parc Morgan, Ste-Catherine Est et Morgan

JULY 2005
8 - Montreal, The Montreal Manhattan Project, Norman's experimental jazz trio, with Aaron Shragge & Gregory Anderson Smith, Café La Petite Gaule, Pointe Charles, 8pm
15 - Montreal, SAAN, Norman on strings, and Sylvain Auclair, bassist extrordinaire, Comité du Chomage, 3730 ave du Parc, 8pm

JUNE 2005
15 - Montreal, Dramatic reading by Norman of a new film script, 'Eddie' (by Don Goodes), about an alcoholic Ukrainian/Canadian Saskatchewan farmer discussing 'life' and 'art;' Cafe Esperenza, two shows, 7:30pm & 9:30pm
16 - Montreal, Norman animates a 'beats & music' workshop for improv poetry, Concordia's School of Community Development Summer Program, Loyola Campus, 5pm
19 - North Bay, Ontario, Norman tables his 'sex shows' at the COCA (Canadian Organization of Campus Activities) Conference, Best Western Hotel, 10am-1pm

May 2005
6 - Vancouver, solo music/words with Submission Hold, TBA
17 - Montreal, local French anarchist authors of fiction talk about their work, panel moderated by Norman, Cafe La Petite Gaule, 2525 rue Centre, 8pm
21 - Montreal, 6th Annual Anarchist Bookfair, LPN table, 2515 rue Delisle (Lionel-Groulx metro), 10am-6pm 25 - Montreal, Norman plus members of Riot Folk, Cafe Toc Toc, 8pm

APRIL 2005
9 - Guelph - 'Creative Resistance 101' workshop; Guelph University; noon
9 - Guelph - solo music show, Ed Video, 9pm
14 - Sherbrooke - DaZoque! & expanded FRAPRU choir (30 voices!); Hotel Ramada, 6pm
26 - Montreal, University of the Streets Cafe, panel and Norman solo, Cafe Rico, 969 Rachel est, 6:30pm
28 - Montreal, month-long Festival of Anarchy opens with a panel discussion about the recent Quebec-wide student General Strike, Norman plays solo violin, l'Alizé, 400 rue Ontario Est, métro Berri-Uqam 7pm

March 2005
1 - Regina, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis,' The Owl, University of Regina, 7 pm
10 - Montreal, 'I Don't Understand Women!', Marianopolis College, 12 noon
16 - Edmonton, 'Lessons from a 7ft Penis,' Grant MacEwan College, downtown, 12 noon
26 - Winnipeg, solo music/rad spoken word, with other bands, Collective Cabaret, 8pm

February 2005
12 - Montreal, Salon du livres margineaux, (alternative, small press book/cd fair), La Sala Rossa, 11am-4pm
16 - Montreal, Festival Voix d'Ameriques, solo spoken word, La Sala Rossa, 8pm
19 - Montreal, lancement du recuil de poésie de Christian Brouillard, solo spoken word Café-coop Touski, 2361 Ontario est, 5pm-7pm
22 - Montreal, DaZoque!, Cabotins Restaurant, 4821 St Catherines est, 8pm
25 - Montreal, DaZoque!,  Showcase Folquébec, Wyndham Hotel, 6:30pm

January 2005
15 - Montreal, 'The Montreal/Manhattan Project,' Norman Nawrocki (cello/viola) Aaron Shragge (trumpet), Gregory Anderson Smith (samples), 3730 ave du Parc, 8pm, sharp, early show,
20h /pile  Spectacle tot!  les portes ouvres à 19h30
The Montreal/Manhattan Project (MMP) is an exciting experimental new jazz trio, with Norman Nawrocki (DaZoque!, Rhythm Activism), Aaron Shragge (from New York), & Gregory Anderson Smith (DaZoque!, Loco Locass). Admission: $7. Limited seating.

December 2004
3- Montreal, solo 'Duck Work,' live, la Coop Genereuse, 4518 Papineau (in the alley, 3rd floor) off Mount Royal, 9pm
10 - Montreal,'Make love, make PEROGIES, not war!'Norman solo violin/et les mots,3730 ave du Parc (below/en bas du Pine),9pm, 5$ 
20 - Montreal,lancement du 'Alerta! le cri de la Wawa,' & film 'Musiques Rebelles Amerique Latin,' & Norman & others, Point St-Charles, Cafe La Petite Gaule, 2525 rue Centre, 8pm 

1-3 -  Brandon - TBA
4 - Winnipeg, Mondragon Books & Cafe, 8pm
25- Montreal, Benefit for
International Solidarity Movement (ISM) of Montreal, solo spoken word/violin, with Kaie Kellough, & others, Cafe Pharmacie Esperanza, 5490 St-Laurent, 8pm
28- Montreal, improv words & violin, on stage with legendary violin improv giant, Malcolm Goldstein (played with Ornette Coleman, John Cage, etc.), & guitarist Rainer Weins, Casa del Popolo, 2pm